A month in New Zealand

Wed 7 Dec 2016 18:56
"35.50.823S 174.31.805E"
Well we left Bay of Islands, what a beautiful place. You could spend your whole life sailing round that area and be happy!
We managed to complete some big jobs in the month at Opua. All our leaks from topside have been fixed, huge thank you to George for his help on this. Each window had to be removed, we did eight of the twelve, cleaned and resealed. It took about a day per window!  
Another job completed was the anchor locker, thanks to Ian for his initial work on this. I also serviced the windlass (changed the oil for the first time in three years!). See photograph...
Gill made new dinghy chaps, cockpit seat covers, mended various blue bags and several flags!
So all in all a good first month but loads more to do....
The sail down was lovely if a little frustrating due to light winds. It was our first solo sail for over a year! The scenery is magnificent. 
Now unfortunately it is raining for our motor up the river to our home for the next four months. 
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Star Charger, Habitat, Pickles and the rest of the lads....

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