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Sat 14 Feb 2015 22:29
Valentine's Day.....the sun is setting and we have a clear view to the horizon, Gill is sat with me, The stereo is playing Blondie, we are sat just off our favourite bar in the Caribbean, Jambe de Bois ( same place as last year...) and sipping a No3 and tonic (the end of a wedding present that said on the box "Star Charger Emergency Rations. For use only on warm lazy evenings" thanks Alan and Cathy!)..... This is why we came here, just perfect!
If only the rest was the same! Fuzz and David have gone home but we had a great last few days with them. We arrived in St Lucia in time to meet Susie, Maddie and the dogs. It was great to see them all again, hopefully we will be able to help Susie later this year and look after the dogs again.
We then went diving, well with Reuben anyhow! Best dive ever we saw three sea horses, such beautiful creatures a fantastic experience seeing them. I could have spent the whole dive just sat looking at them.
So to the less good, the engine has just recently started emitting a light grey smoke and occasionally overheating. I checked the impeller and cooling system, all good. So called in a little man, £250 pounds later just on parts and still smoke and overheating. So now we are off into the marina so that Volvo can come and look at it....that sounds expensive!
Then the outboard... The Maybreys only used it to go across the marina! Something went wrong and it would only drive the prop in tick over. Removed prop and found that it was free spinning, but also the prop shaft although fine in reverse was free when ahead.... Off to see the Mercury man. He couldn't find another prop so suggested screwing it ( what happened to shear pins, they seemed a good solution!) I went to collect it this morning, he wasn't there but by phone suggested I tested it, I lifted the small engine off, the larger one on. Fired it up and engaged gear....nothing in either direction! Lifting the engine revealed, or rather didn't reveal.... The prop had fallen off.... So we wait to see the outcome!
And while I am on a rant, why has my Leatherman that I have never used outside in the rain or at sea started going rusty! What is wrong with modern stainless?
Enough, enough, we are off out for dinner.....
Love Alasdair and Gill

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