Falmouth Harbour

Sat 4 Apr 2015 11:27
"17.00.68N 61.46.60W"
We have had a quiet week after all the sailing, we have met so,e old friends and made some new. The major news is that we are now both going to "Fat" camp.....some sort of forced exercise routine on the beach at 7.30 three mornings a week. Gill went last year and I decided that I needed to do something so joined too.
We also help clear paths every Sunday morning and have borrowed loppers and secateurs so that we can clear the path nearest us as we walk.... Often with the dogs as Spirited Lady is being revarnished.
George the turtle was sighted yesterday but has been the daily companion he was last year.
Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon up at Mike's house. Followed of course by a Tot!
Boat jobs don't appear to be going as well as they might but we are getting there slowly.
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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