Blue moons and Hashing

Sun 2 Aug 2015 11:40
Sat on a mooring ball here in Chaguaramus "10.40.595N 61.38.277W" the sun is out and the sea still, not a breath of wind. Sadly one can then see the rubbish abandoned by man, polystyrene cups and food containers, oil cans and drinks bottles....why?
We enjoyed the Blue Moon; though I can't get a totally definitive definition of what a Blue Moon actually is....
Yesterday's Hash was awesome. The first I have been on where swimming was required! We hashed up to a lovely waterfall and back. Not surprising perhaps that we spent a great deal of time wading up the river bed. We did see parrots which is always fun.
Anna and Matt arrived safely and are very content to "lime" on the boat which is cool. We spent two days at anchor in the deserted Scotland Bay.
Matt is also a mechanic so hopefully we will get the generator sorted. It is back in and running is still leaking oil....
Yesterday I also filled up all my spare fuel. At 15p a litre for diesel and 27p a litre for petrol you can't go wrong.
The plan is to leave here Monday and sail overnight to Prickly Bay, Grenada.
I trust all is well and you are blessed with fair winds
Love Alasdair and Gill

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