Daring rescue

Fri 26 Jul 2013 15:01

On our way back to Marseille yesterday we had to perform a daring rescue....Just south of here are some islands and we thought we would swing in there, drop the hook have a swim, some lunch and then head back into the Vieux Port “43.17.66N 05.22.16E”

As we approached the final run to drop the anchor we were hailed by a motor boat who told us that another motor boat was in trouble (no I don’t know why he couldn’t have helped...) so we went to see....and met Allen (like Alan) who informed us that his engine wouldn’t start...as he was fending himself off the rocks with a boat hook....

So we motored in forwards and towed him out, brought him alongside to discuss options.  His home port was three miles in our direction so lunch was cancelled and we took him in tow, the girls sat on the aft deck being chatted up by Allen (late 60s Frenchman in blue Speedos) Then disaster, I had left the anchor ready to fall and forgot about it, all of a sudden we had the anchor rushing out! Managed to get it under control with only 30 m down...pulled it back in  and secured it.  We dropped him off just outside his home port (too shallow for us to enter) and went to a beach to anchor, swim and eat lunch!  What a day...

Last night we went out to dinner in Marseille which was lovely.

Today Josh and Becky dropped us off at the Hypermarket and set off to some Chateaux.  We got a taxi back and any saving from cheap products was lost, 15 minute ride, 25 Euros...But then the outboard man turned up with a new gearbox from Mercury and no charge so a good day.

Love Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger