The Marquises

Sun 3 Jul 2016 07:28
"08.55.077S 140.05.748W"
Well, we met Sky Lark. Pickles was very excited because he wanted to see his friend Hannah! He managed another sleepover too....
We had an absolutely splendid time too, meeting up for lunch, dinner and drinks! Sadly it was only for a couple of days.
We did however gain an extra crew member, Mia. She was having trouble working out how to get to Tahiti for her flight home to Denmark.... Our plan was to be there one day after she needed to get there so no problem to change the plan by 24 hours to accommodate her. It is great to have different cultures (they are Europeans!!) onboard. I leant the meaning of Tapas yesterday...
Now in Nuku Hiva, a big town....there must be a couple of hundred houses! Apparently their annual festival starts tonight, looking forward to that!
I have attached the view from our anchorage.....
Love Alasdair and Gill

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