A lovely weekend with friends

Mon 5 Aug 2019 04:16
"20.06.29S 057.06.29E"
On Saturday we were invited to lunch at a friends house, quite delightful, thank you Catherine! She has a beautiful house and had invited a few other people too. A very splendid afternoon was had by all. It is amazing how easy conversation flows sometimes, especially amongst Hashers.
Then again on Sunday we were invited by Jean Marc and Pamela to a barbecue on a La Goulet beach. We sailed there with Amandine and the children, only 5 miles so there in no time. Another magical afternoon, including being introduced to Mauritian ice lollies..... A guy turns up on a motorbike and opens the wooden top box. Inside he has a block or two of ice, a sort of upturned plane and some hideous coloured sauces, he scrapes the ice across the plane and either moulds it onto a stick or into a bowl and then adds sauce, and rum if you are Jean Marc! We then sailed Jean Marc and the children back to Port Louis.
Other news, Piero had joined us to sail to South Africa.
Hopefully tomorrow we will sail to Reunion Island
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill