"16.23.05N 46.22.82W"

Mon 13 Jan 2014 16:51
I have a feeling yesterday’s blog didn’t go...
If it did appear I apologise for repeating my self.  Yesterday a whale came by to say hi.  Must have been 30’ a bit shorter than the boat and swam right under us. The most awesome thing to watch really magical.  It has made my trip
The fishing is not going well. Two confirmed sightings that got away, including one that we were trying to land!  We have also broken the reel on the rod so are down to using a line, not ideal.
After two below average days the last 24 hours was above average so closing in on Sunday as the day.  My money is on 3 pm local time on Sunday, a bold prediction  for 777 miles to go.
Yesterday we furled the twin headsails and put up the cruising chute and mizzen staysail.  First time we have flown them together it worked really well.  Over night we opted to use a more conservative set and went for genoa, main and mizzen., which we are still using now as the wind is on the beam.  Funny wind last night, blowing 25 knots then nothing at all and then 25 knots again...from the original direction!  Most odd....other than that all going well but looking forward to that rum punch!
Alasdair, Gill, Dicken, Ian, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger
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