Antigua. "17.03.95N 61.53.06W"

Sun 11 May 2014 18:03
Back in Jolly Harbour for a few days while the weather settles. We didn't fancy setting off in 30+ knots of wind and squally rain!
Antigua has been a blast. Not only did we have people on the boat which is always fun but we have had a number of friends on other boats doing a similar route passing through too.
We also watched the Classic Regatta and Race Week. Both awesome and great fun even as spectators. Though it would be nice to be racing...
And then there is the Tot Club...for the uninitiated.... On the 31st July 1970 the Royal Navy decided to stop issuing a tot of rum every day to all personnel (a Health and Safety issue apparently). A group got together in Antigua and decided to continue the tradition and so the club was formed. In essence to join one must drink a tot (1/8th of a pint) of neat rum in one go...every evening at 6pm for 7 days, remembering the specific daily toast of course. If at the end of that you are still standing you must pass a test on Nelson's naval exploits. Having done that you have to drink another that's a quarter of a pint of rum in one evening! We both passed with flying colours....
So now we head north for another week to get to the cheap yacht chandler before high tailing it south for the summer.
Take care and have fun
Love Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger
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