Grande Baie and Snow White

Tue 30 Jul 2019 05:36
“20.00.4S 057.34.5E”
This week we sadly said goodbye to Alison who had to return to work, she is a very important person! We have had a fabulous time sailing with her and Peter, a great crew. 
Before we left Port Louis we met Kimmi and Trevor from Slow Flight, great people, we had fun with them. 
So on Friday the three of us sailed up to Grande Baie on the north coast. A beautiful bay, with a lovely friendly yacht club. The Laser championship was still taking place so we anchored towards the outside, but close to the club. I then spent most of Saturday making water and refuelling.  The simple task of pulling in to the fuel barge in the marina on the way back to your berth is a distant memory.... imagine a gently rolling boat, regular rain showers, 20 knots blowing across the deck, and filling the tank from jerry cans. Refilling the cans, a mile dinghy ride to a fuel dock and a leaky fuel nozzle, add boats going by creating wash and it is all quite extreme! 300 litres purchased and taken aboard, I needed a nap!
Part of the reason for going to Grande Baie was to go to Snow White’s birthday party, a fabulous affair. Great food, great company and much alcohol! We have partied twice now at Snow White’s house, she is a lovely generous lady. 
Now we are mainly preparing the boat and waiting for Piero to join us on Sunday. Then we will take the next weather window and head to Reunion
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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