The ups and downs of Blue Water sailing

Fri 16 Aug 2019 08:21
"25.12.89S 048.05.26E"
We are being affected by three weather systems at the moment, and we spent last night, enjoying, the confused sea and swell of one but with almost no wind. A most unpleasant night of even more than usually disturbed sleep. This morning I woke early to make bread, I have no idea why but it just didn't rise properly, I am sure it will taste OK.
Add to that I have lost my glasses. I was sorting the Code 0 on the foredeck when an uncontrolled sheet flicked across my face and took them straight into the drink. The first pair I recall loosing big boat sailing.
So all in all I was not feeling the love when I came on watch.
However an hour in and I saw a whale blow. I called down and Gill and Piero came up. We were rewarded by the sight of a whale sleeping on the surface some 50 metres from us. We then saw a further three. So magical, we are very privileged to see such sights, though part of me worries about running into one, there is nothing we can do to avoid it especially at night.
The next few days we will round Madagascar, we are expecting seven metre swells, which won't be fun!
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Peter and Piero