Isobela, Galapagos

Sun 22 May 2016 16:31
"00.57.931S 090.57.699W"
This evening we arrived back in Isobela...the best ever entrance to an anchorage we have made. 
We turned in to find the place deserted, not another boat in. Last time we were here there were six yachts and an equal number of small cruise ships... As we turned round the approach bouy there was a sea lion sunning himself on the base of the bouy. Then we were honoured with an aerial bombardment by 50 Blue Footed Boobies. They fly up to around 15 metres and then dive on fish, hitting the water with quite a noise and diving down maybe 5 metres, we saw four dive together leaving vapour trails down through the water. Also around us we had sharks, penguins, pelicans and sea lions. The Galapagos are a truly amazing place very, very special and Isobela is the best island we have visited...
If you have ever considered coming here then don't delay, it is worth the visit. Living on a boat is by far the best way to live here as in so many places but if you can't, come anyway. 
The plan is to leave here on Monday bound for the Marquises. I think it will take at least three weeks and we will be completely out of wifi for at least that period. However I will write a blog regularly so that I at least get to see my track across the ocean!
Whatever your dream is....follow it
Love Alasdair, Gill and the Motley Crew of Star Charger...

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