2 Vanuatu to Australia Day three

Sun 24 Jun 2018 00:37
"16.06.74S 164.39.107E"
We wasted a day heading north in search of wind. It wasn't there! Now back on track and finally in 15 knots, south easterly, perfect. Well it would be if it wasn't for the rain! But that does mean it is much cooler today
All going well onboard at the moment. Everyone is just sleeping their off watch. Must be tired from yesterday's sweltering heat. 
Yesterday in fairly calm conditions we had a Man Overboard practice.... the bucket and fender were duly rescued with only a little coaching from me. We then had a discussion about what to do with an unconscious person.... very hard, do you in he middle of an ocean risk putting a second crew member in the water to rescue someone who may already be dead.  I guess we will never know what to do until situations like that are staring us in the face, heaven help anyone who had to decide. 
May your god go with you and grant you fair winds and following seas
Love Alasdair 

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