03 Through the line.

Fri 4 Nov 2016 00:58
"25.5.547S 178.45.630E"
We crossed the line from west to east......without noticing! We crossed the Greenwich Meridian back in April 2013, I don't recall that either. But we half now sailed half the globe, which is pretty cool. 
This is our fifth ocean passage of 1000 NM or more and had been interesting for the traffic! On only one other have we spoken to anyone. So far this time, only half way and we have spoken to four other boats! It seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is heading for NZ now...I hope there's room. 
We ar expecting the final third to be horrid, big seas and difficult winds. But so far we have had perfect sailing. I can hear the girls laughing in the main saloon, they are watching a film...
I hope all is well with you wherever you are and wish you fair winds
Love Alasdair
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