08 records and things going wrong!

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:28
"08.42.961S 130.35.353W"
I have been planning this blog for a few days now, but then I woke up this morning!
Sunday on passage is the day I do checks. So as planned Jane woke me at 7.30am. 
I went to make a cup of tea.....no water! Panic! The water pump was running, we had an almost full tank so why none at the tap. Pulled up the cabin sole and there is water pouring out of the side of the calorifier (hot water tank). It has split! But obviously only just otherwise our 500 litres of drinking water would be in the bilge! No idea how it happened but I did after some effort and a great deal of pro' level swearing manage to bypass the hot water and tea could be produced.... 
While stowing the poles it became apparent that three rivets on the track have blown! Damn that probably excludes that as a sail plan till we can fix it!
Trips up both masts showed no other sign of damage or wear.... 
Into the lazarete to check the generator. I had noticed the genset start battery getting low. It turns out the Heath Robinson fix had been more Heath Robinson and less fix... Now fixed again....proper fix due in Tahiti!
Oh and the wind died away to almost nothing then we were hit by 25 knots and torrential rain!
And the records? Tonight marks our longest single sea passage, 19 across the Atlantic tonight is night 20. Also tonight is the 100th night that Gill and I have spent at sea on this trip.....
Welcome to the fun and games that is Blue Water sailing....
Love Alasdair and Gill

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