04 The age of chivalry...

Fri 4 Nov 2016 01:00
"28.35.577S 176.00.510E"
As I lay in bed at 4am listening to the girls laughing and chatting as they reefed the main in 26 knots of wind and driving rain I pondered the end of chivalry! So I got up and went and offered them shampoo...they declined. Seriously it is very comforting to be sailing with two such competent people. 
We are clearly now out of the tropics and have left Tradewind sailing far behind! For one thing it is cold. Jumpers and trousers have replaced shorts, at least at night. Also we have been hard on the wind for a week!
Still all going well, making better progress than I had expected which is great. 
I can almost taste those arrival beers!
Fair winds. 
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