Sunday 26th May 2013

Sun 26 May 2013 13:46

“41.11.182N 008.42.356W”

It seems a very long time ago that we left Fox’s Marina for the last time, so much has happened. In a month we have logged over 1000nm and changed the cold wet British Spring for the warm Portuguese Summer.

Mostly we are becoming accustomed to our new life, oh and discovering that in spite of all the planning we are not quite sure what it is that we wish to achieve.  For me it is about sailing from place to place, Gill has a slower more relaxed view of what we should be doing.  Neither point of view is right, but we do need to compromise.

We are also slowly learning how to sail the boat and what works on board.  Oh and breaking stuff and dropping things over the side (not ferrous metal so Stevie’s magic magnet couldn’t help).

In April we sailed along the South coast to the Isles of Scilly and there rested for ten days.  We did get to use the dinghy, mind you the swell in the harbour is quite a challenge.

It was very sad saying good bye, but we will see you all again.  I hope both on board and back in the UK when we return

Biscay, has a reputation, it didn’t disappoint! We set off with Dan and Richard on board knowing that there was some strong wind coming.  However 3 hours in the Met Office issued a gale warning “imminent”. So came the decision.  Turn back and risk arriving on Scilly in a SW8 or carry on, we chose the safe if less comfortable option and carried on.  Amazing, had winds hitting 60 knots and waves to go with it! Then after 78 hours we arrived in A Coruna, N Spain.

The minute the boat was safe we opened the champagne (thanks to Richard at Fox’s!) perfect

This week has been a very fast run down the west coast taking full advantage of the Portuguese Trade Winds.  With boat speeds up to 10 knots flying only the small jib and mizzen it has been an absolute ball. We stopped in Camarinas, Baiona, Viana de Castelo and now Leixoes.

We have picked up our new sail, for when the wind dies and we are trying to get around in under 15 knots of wind.

Yesterday we did the tourist thing and went into Porto and looked round Offley Port House.  It made me think of our cask of whisky....I know it is a few years away, but I must get that organised and try to persuade them to Quarter Cask it.

The plan from here is to leave tonight as we have a very long gap between here and the next safe harbour.

I trust that you are all well and have fun

Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger