Sun 25 Oct 2020 10:41
“12.55.91S 010.50.73W”
Having just spent our third night at sea we are all becoming acclimatised to the natural routine of the boat. This is the point that days stop counting, they just flow one into another. I have made bread this morning and Gill is now making breakfast, the crew are sleeping.
Yesterday we saw dolphins, always wonderful. We then saw them again overnight, not really dark enough for the torpedo effect when I was up but apparently it got better. Unfortunately it is very overcast so our one working solar panel is not keeping up even during the day.
The wind is around 20 knots true, just perfect for us and we are rattling along. Now halfway from St Helena to Ascension, a great shame that we can’t stop there.
Just had a discussion about going to the Yacht Club for a drink this afternoon, sad to think we can’t do that for a long while.
But we are loving being at sea again.
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Carmen and Dan