02 One sixth of the way there.....

Mon 20 Jun 2016 20:16
"05.50.94S 098.36.85W"
We are now over one sixth of the way there, it seems that we have been at sea forever, and we still have forever to go.
Yesterday we played with sails, getting the cruising chute and Mizzen staysail out. Sadly I couldn't work out a good way of flying the staysail with the main up but did run with two blue sails and the Mizzen which was nice. We never sail with the blue sails at night, they require too much attention and too many people to get them down so we reverted to white sails for the night. 
I came on watch at 6am just as we were being hit with a squall! After it had gone through the wind had backed 30 degrees to be dead astern. So, main down twin poles out and off we roll!
I am now back to mid Atlantic water making.....constantly watching it as it looses pressure on every roll! Such fun!
I love Blue Water sailing, it is amazing, day after day of sea as far as the eye can see. Having said that a freighter crossed a few miles ahead of us this morning.
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill et al

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