Tue 3 Nov 2020 14:59
“03.21.612s 027.42.379w”
So the last few days can best be described as practicing.....
The sea temperature has risen from 21C in St Helena to 27.6C here. The sun is shining and we intend at some point to swim off the boat, but right now we are doing a steady 5+ knots of through the water, so no swimming. Instead we donned the bosun’s chair, clipped the mizzen sheet on and dropped off the back of the boat, always great fun. Obviously not a North European thing...
Before leaving St Helena, Carmen and I vowed to really do some Astro Navigation. Unfortunately for the first ten days we didn’t see a heavenly body (apart from Gill and Carmen of course) so could do nothing. Yesterday the sky cleared so we took a Noon Sun Sight....but haven’t worked up the numbers to a position.
Then today we managed to get a lovely dorado on the line, but within two metres of the boat before it ‘got away’...
We still have 2,200 odd miles to go, so still plenty of time!
I trust all is well, as far as it can be with you.
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Carmen and Dan