A humbling experience

Wed 15 Apr 2015 15:26
On Sunday's here in Antigua we usually help clear the paths around the historic dockyard and associated forts. However this Sunday we were helping a family who's house had burnt down.
They are living in a shed 3m by 2m made of corrugated iron sheets, no fresh water, no sewage, no gas or electricity. Two adults and three children from two to ten years old.
We were there to help clear a path through a quarter of a mile of scrub so that the lorry can get there from the road with materials. The Tot club have raised the money to buy the materials and persuaded a contractor to build it for free.
It is unbelievable that people who have so little can be so happy and charming. It makes one appreciate how much we have and how little we have to complain about.
The eldest child proudly showed everyone their pet fish. A few tiny little things in a cut open plastic bottle. Just delightful.
An amazing experience that we will never forget
Alasdair and Gill

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