Waiting for weather

Sun 13 May 2018 09:55
"35.18.853S 174.07.301E"
We are sat in the Bay of Islands Marina, Opua waiting for a weather window to leave.
Today we had 35 knots and it had rained for three days so not now. There is a possibility of Thursday but it is still not certain.
We have used the time well and are in a much better shape now than we were. There are still many jobs that need to be done but we could safely go to sea tomorrow. Most importantly the crew have got used to the boat, me and each other and we are now a team.
We have also entered three raffles at the Opua Cruising Club....and won all of them. We are know as the "Lucky Boat". I suspect they will ban us if we continue to win.
Today is also the first birthday of my grandson Euan. Modern technology is amazing, I could talk to him and see him! Even though he wasn't interested of course.
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