09 The Demolition Derby continues

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:29
"06.24.066S 134.27.352W"
We have less than 300 miles to go but it will be a race to get there before the boat falls apart!
Last night while gybing the rod kicker fell off. It was a controlled gybe and I had only checked the shackle that evening. What could possibly have gone wrong?  The casting at the bottom of the kicker had failed..... I cannot begin to imagine how that could have happened. We hardly use the main, never stress it and check out everything regularly. 
The fresh water pump blew a fuse when the calorifier split, then another yesterday and one just now....no idea what is wrong but that is a priority!
Times like this it is a struggle not to give up... It seems that at every turn another thing goes wrong.  I can only assume that somehow I an doing something wrong. I think I have a maintenance and checking process, I consult professionals on a regular basis and I replace parts as needed.....but still more breaks. 
Feeling very tired, I have hardly slept the last two nights. The night before last we had wind at 35 knots!
 Hopefully today will be better....sunrise is beautiful 
Love Alasdair and Gill

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