Counting down to departure

Sun 29 Apr 2018 19:06
"35.43.711S 174.20.0411E"
The major event from last week....the crew arrived! They seem like a nice bunch of people and are getting on OK so far. We have Cian, an Irish lad and Maura and Ignacio a Chilean couple.
The other big event was launch day on Friday. No leaks which is great and half the through hulls replaced.
We spent Saturday night at the Bach saying goodbye to my cousins, they have been fantastic. It really is worth having nice relatives scattered around the world.
We still have lots of jobs to do but we are making progress.
Sadly only four days till Gill leaves us. I am not looking forward to that. But then we hope to sail to Opua as soon after as we can.
Fair winds.

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