07 Storms and washing machines

Thu 18 Jul 2019 13:44
“19.54.309S 057.48.520S”
It is hard to explain what it is like sailing in a gale with seas of up to 6 metres! Standing behind the wheel one is about 2 metres above sea level and the waves tower above you. Negotiating the boat over or round the waves evolves a huge amount of concentration in order to avoid getting soaked. On a three hour watch I reckon on two soakings, one just after you start before you get into the groove and one just before you finish, perfect to go down with dripping clothes. But the hard thing is standing or sitting at the wheel. It’s like riding a wet slippery bucking bronco. It really is like being in a giant washing machine. Exciting but exhausting, especially for days on end. 
Down below, as above but you can’t see what is happening and there is less water. All of us have been thrown around the cabin. Unexplained bruises are common. 
However once one makes it, and we are an hour or two from smooth water, it all seems worth it
Fair winds

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