South Atlantic

Fri 6 Nov 2020 13:41
“0.37.115S 032.41.062W”
We are close to the equator, and have slowed down... we want to be at the equator in daylight. So the choice this morning was turn due north and beam reach at 6 knots to arrive this evening, or reduce sail and keep the speed down around 3.5 knots. We opted for the later, so today will be our last in the Southern Hemisphere for awhile at least!
We have loved it down here. And yes people are all upside down. Seeing Orion standing on his hands really brings it home to you.
We are close to halfway, the sun is shining the sea is deep blue and all is well, or will be when Carmen catches a fish!
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Carmen and Dan