Three months in...

Fri 26 Jul 2013 14:57

Yesterday marked three months since we left Fox’s in Ipswich and it seemed a good time to reflect upon the whole experience.

We are sat at anchor in a lovely cove “43.08.74N 05.42.49E” with Josh and Becky, this is why we came! I have attached a photo of the bay first thing in the morning.

Highlights so far....the lifestyle of getting up and sailing or working on the boat.  Anchoring in beautiful surroundings and swimming off the boat, seeing the wildlife and counting stars, watching the world go by and seeing so many amazing boats...The fast and furious sail down the Portuguese coast with big seas and loads of wind, Menorca with it’s lovely anchorages, clear blue water and awesome little boats

Not so great...things breaking that shouldn’t. Insects, the heat at night, having to spend so much time in marinas

What would I do differently next time...long shake down sails, we allowed all our contingency time to be used up, so things are going wrong 1000 miles from base.  We should have replaced the windlass with a new and bigger model.  Be more vigilant during the refit so that..the outside shower doesn’t just get removed, the galley sink can drain straight overboard without sinking the boat, the satellite phone is wired in correctly, the anchor locker is deep enough to just accept chain, all seacocks can be reached and turned, we should have had davits fitted

So what next..We have three months now of seeing friends and family which will be lovely...If you want to come and see us, at the moment we are free between 26th August and the 7th September, then from 14th September to 28th September and 6th October to 12th October....

If you have a dream, make it a reality

Have fun and love from

Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger


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