Of home and home and off again

Sun 20 Dec 2015 02:17
"17.00.617N 61.46.713W"
Well we are now settled back on board in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua.
We had a splendid time at home seeing family and friends. I am very sorry that we missed some of you! I did at least get to see my newest Great Nephew!
I love spending time with family.
It is always lovely down in Bridport, Mother spoils us rotten with cooked breakfast and Cornish pasty lunches and we get to watch Dr Who that she has recorded for us! Add to that Bizz and the family next door and the Maybrey clan not so far away....what could be better?
Our trips to Derby are always fun, I know it is the frozen North but we always get a warm welcome! And little Lottie is growing so fast!
As for Lancaster House, for me that is home.....with many great friends so close, and as Dicken said, the entertaining is always great fun! The party for Father's 85th was another legendary event.
We spent 30 days at home and were either out for dinner or entertaining every night...exhausting, not to mention the nearly 2,500 miles we drove!
Apart from family and friends, the highlights for me...
Driving the cars and being in London. I got off the train in Town and remembered the buzz that is London, just fantastic! We managed to talk to the bees (get stung), play on the Pinball machine, visit nearly all the family, drive and polish three cars and have a great party! And we brought back four hold bags (including a ski bag!)
The one massive disappointment was The Hobbit, what on earth (Middle or otherwise) were they thinking....they totally ruined the story....spurious love stories I can cope with but introducing the Nazgul and Gandalf knowing the ring was a ring of power....if either of those two things had happened then the whole of the Lord of the Rings would not have! Such a sad case of outright greed to extract the last brass farthing from an exercise. I know I am a bit of a purist and I forgave them the fopaux in the Lord of the Rings.....only the first born could ride openly against the nine so what was Arwen Evenstar doing out and about!!
Then we came home to the boat. We miss her when we aren't onboard even if she is rolling at anchor somewhat! At the moment this is our life. A 44 foot long box no more that 11 feet wide. Quite a challenge to stow all the stuff we bought. But we have in the week that we have been back seen....a Pilot whale, a Leatherback turtle, at least four green turtles, several squadron of Flying fish a number of jumping Rays, little lizards and numerous birds. And today we hashed....lovely. Tomorrow we Tot!
News of our plans and dates will follow
Fair winds
Love Alasdair and Gill

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