02 Arrived Cocos Keeling

Thu 20 Jun 2019 08:18
“12.05.535S 096.52.883E”
Yesterday we arrived in the beautiful atoll of Cocos Keeling. The wind died away towards the end so we had to motor. 542 NM in four days.  It wasn’t rough but we certainly rolled.  I don’t recall a roll so bad before, it did make sleeping hard. 
This is a truly spectacular place, we were circled by sharks as we anchored and the sun set behind the palm trees of an uninhabited island. In the sunlight the colours of the water are spectacular, ranging form deep blue to almost white. 
Of course, the promised WiFi is not here, nor the washing machine and mangle..... but the we never really expected them!  However there is apparently an area for a barbecue, so we shall make use of that.
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Alison and Peter

+870776 764870 Inmarsat satellite phone

+441372 463121 British land line
+447710 197949 British mobile phone

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