Holidays and friends

Fri 23 Oct 2015 11:03
"13.00.233N 61.14.563W"
We spent a fabulous two weeks "on holiday". Living in the villa with the boat moored out on a ball. Vision varnished the interior and the cockpit table while we weren't aboard. We washed access to a washing machine is a rare thing.
I also took the opportunity to improve my waterskiing. Having tried for the first time last year I skied everyday this year and by the end could carve across the wake in a fairly even pattern. I tried one ski, but ended up bruising my ribs....
Then Neil, Lucy and the girls came out to join us. We spent a few days in St Lucia, visited Jambe de Bois and generally said good bye. The next time we sail to St Lucia will be after we have sailed round the world. It was quite a moment when we waved goodbye to Windjammer Landings as we slipped the buoy. It really felt like we were starting our new adventure.
It was a good sail down to Bequia we came across a pod of three Pilot Whales. Just awesome.
Soon after dropping the anchor we spotted turtles so Indigo is happy.
Off to the turtle sanctuary today......
Fair winds
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