4 human contact

Wed 13 Apr 2016 21:37
We are not alone.
At "01.30.635N 085.55.396W" now, all is well and we are bowling along at around 5 knots more or less towards our destination.
Yesterday another boat saw us on AIS and called us on the VHF which was nice. We have had no weather forecast since Monday evening so it was great to pick up some information less than a week old. It was also good to talk to someone. This morning the same boat was contacted by another boat who had a problem....that was resolved successfully.
On watch last night I saw phosphorescent dolphins again...just amazing! And we have seen a number of Albatross flying around, indeed one has just appeared...
We should reach the equator sometime tomorrow which will be exciting and Galapagos the day after.
Love Alasdair, Gill, Jane and Alex

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