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Sat 10 Dec 2016 21:12
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I sometimes forget how lucky I am. 
When I met Gill in 2009 only seven years ago She was really only a corporate sailor going out on a jolly to Cowes week and Round the Isle of Wight racing and only then if champagne was involved!
We got married and set off four years ago and had some interesting experiences.... She reminded me this morning of something that happened in Southampton Marina when we very first left and once again I realised how little she knew then. However Gill has stuck with me and our sailing exploits to become a really good sailor, I trust her completely
We have met a number of couples that are stopping sailing or the husband is carrying on alone because their partner is not prepared to put up with it anymore. It isn't just the sailing, living on a boat is a challenge. Living with your partner in a space 45 by 12 feet, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year is hard for some. But Gill puts up with it all, I think I have her parents to thank for that. They took her on caravan holidays, so the space is not an issue.
To prove the point of how much she has become a real sailor....when other wives are quitting and flying out...she decided that we need a Code 0 ( a light weight high performance reaching sail) to assist us in light winds!  I remember when Paul Cayard first flew one in the Whitbread twenty years ago and so won the race, and now we own one too! How cool is that....
And as I think I may have said before, when Mia and Oscar were onboard they decide that to go Blue Water cruising you needed two things. First a good boat, they are easy to find but the second thing was a Gill, and they are rare!
I am lucky to have Gill and I do love her very much
Fair winds

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