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Mon 10 Nov 2014 11:19
Last night we were in Jambe de Bois for the jazz with 10 friends a perfect evening and a great way to bring to a close this chapter in St Lucia. We will be heading south in the next few days.
Life with the Manleys is always a ball and this time was no exception...
We hired a car and explored the rain forest, we went diving Annie and Indigo loved it, we borrowed Hobbie cats with slightly less success and we just had fun! Several parties at the villa with friends. It was nice to see over a dozen people enjoying the place. Lorna took us all down to Marigot Bay for a splendid day, the LILO turned into a rum bar was particularly splendid.
I continued to learn to water ski, I can now stay up, move outside the wake, negotiate the corner and stop all while keeping my hair dry......sometimes! Not bad as I only tried it for the first time this year!
We are now back on board the newly varnished wood looks fantastic and all the clean washing is stowed. It is lovely to be home. We have made some decisions while ashore (or rather I have). After a few years of campaigning I have agreed to abandon, for now, my dream of sailing via the Great Capes and head off through the Panama Canal..... A big step for me, I always said I would never do it but Gill doesn't want to go to the Southern Ocean just yet and I don't want to leave her and go alone.
Take care and fair winds
Love Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles, Smallest Bear (still on holiday!) and Star Charger.

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