Georgetown .. where the Nordhavn dream began

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Wed 7 Jun 2017 15:03
23:30.96N 75:45.36W  Georgetown .. where the Nordhavn dream began
Returning to Georgetown was filled with memories. In May 2009 we sailed into Georgetown with our catamaran Indigo. It was to be a fun stop with friends visiting and our first “big” Bahamian town. Little did we know what else would happen.  One morning a big motor yacht sailed in – it was a Nordhavn 62 called New Frontier. Mike could not stop staring – he had never seen anything like it and was hooked.  The owner, Jerry finally invited Mike for a tour of the boat and his great love affair with Nordhavns began, leading him to buy Time2 in late 2010.
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m/v New Frontier in 2009
And now we were back. So we revisited a the same places and had a few laughs trying to recreate old photos.  Amazing that we still have some of the same clothes.
may 2009  June 2017
So here I am posing at the Chat ‘n Chill beach bar – Same dress, same hat – sadly the lovely pink chairs are no longer there.
mike sign 2009  mike sign 2017
The old Welcome sign is gone, but a similar one is now on the building next door – and Mike still has that old shirt.
Georgetown was very quiet, as their cruising season ends in May, but we did meet Chisholm & Dave on sv Platino, with whom we shared a pleasant lunch on the beach.
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While the town has not changed much – there are a number of new resort and residential developments  - this one at February Point is particularly nice.
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We did pop into the Peace & Plenty Hotel, but with not a soul in sight, we left.  The St Francis resort was equally quiet, although we managed to squeeze in a quick pizza and chat with Jill. Her and her husband George (ex S African’s) still own this resort and the St Francis catamaran agency for the area.  Later in town, we found the grocery store was pretty depleted and so we decided that Georgetown was “done” and it was time to move back north.