Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 15 Aug 2013 06:10
16:46.68S 179:19.79E    Savu Savu, FIJI
We arrived in Fiji last Friday, having crossed 180deg lat .. we are now back in the Eastern Hemisphere.
Fiji is made up of around 300 islands, with the capital, Suva is on the main island, of Vita Levu.  However, our first port of call is Savu-Savu, the biggest town on the second biggest island, Vanua Levu.   It is It is very easy to get your Suva's and Savu-Savu's mixed up ... and then there is the Sevu Sevu ceremony!!! (but this is for another blog entry)
Fiji has been independent since 1970 and is quite unique in that about 50% of the population are of Indian decent. The Indians came in the late 1800's/ early 1900's to work on the sugar cane plantations, and stayed. This gives the country a very different feel to the more traditional Polynesian islands we have visited so far. They also seem to have had quite a lot of political strife over the last few years. Most people are very friendly and although everyone seems to speak English, the standard greeting is however a hearty BULA! 
We are heading to the east of Vanua Levu for a few days, will then move south to Makogai. We will then sail across the north of the main island, stopping along the way - and end up in the west (the most touristy part of Fiji).  There are beautiful islands in the Mamanuca and Yasawa chains, where we plan on spending a longer time.
But back to Savu Savu ... our check in procedure was fairly painless for a change, although it now seems that we are still missing one document !!  We took a mooring ball off the town and enjoyed hanging out there for a few days and eating a lot of cheap & good Chinese style food. We also got the boat polished, which was an "adventure" in itself - we used a local guy called Sam, and although we were warned that he was a bit of a scoundrel, decided that we could manage him. However, he drove us insane with his continuous nagging for money and stuff , and then the 1.5hour lunches, so eventually we had to fire him. Luckily the top-sides are all done, and I guess Mike and I can finish the stainless steel.
The fresh fruit & vegi market is one of the better ones we have encountered - they even sell lettuce! The town is a bit of a dive, but we have managed to get most of what we need , including a lot of new TV shows (like Trinidad, Fiji does not give much care to copyright)
Downtown Savu Savu
Outside the Vegi market                                                        Passing the Copra Shed marina ..too small for Time2
It has also been great to hook up with Andrew (ex FBYC) and Kerri on s/v Mariposa - whom we last saw in The Grenadines in 2008. They now live in New Zealand, spending the winter on their yacht in Fiji. We celebrated Andrew's birthday with them last week and on Monday will celebrate Mike's birthday with them in Vianni Bay.