Loreto Marine Park

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sat 9 Jun 2012 18:05
26:06.57N 111:17.14W   Loreto Marine Park:
We are spending a few days in the Loreto Marine Park, which consists of five islands and area to the Baja coast.  The marine park focus seems to be to protect the area from commercial fishing, rather than recreational activities - which is great.  We quickly bought Johnny a fishing license (on-line!) -  so that he too is now 'legal'. This has however not improved the fishing results!  The boys are getting very frustrated, as they know there are fish, they have seen them, but they can’t catch them!
We stopped at the town of Loreto to pick up some groceries (pretty dismal offering for a biggish town) but found a good hamburger for lunch. This town used to be the capital of Baja California until it was destroyed by a hurricane in the late 1800's.  Which is a reminder, that we are now in the hurricane belt, and it is the hurricane season - so I am watching the weather carefully.
Lunch in Loreto ..trying Pacifico for a change                                 Pretty hotel with traditional décor/ architecture
The islands are very pretty here - with much whiter sandy beaches and clear water ..still a little chilly though (25deg) I have done a little more snorkeling, but I think that I have been spoilt by the stunning sea life in the Bahamas and the western Caribbean, as there is not much reef here and so only a few fish. However the dolphins have not let us down. We have had them swimming around the boat while we were on anchor in Los Corenados, wacking the water with their tails to catch fish. Under way, we have had large schools swimming off our bow, playing in the pressure wave created by the bulbous bow. They seem to be having so much fun!
We are now headed to Puerto Escondido to fill up with fuel - The price is apparently only 10.63 pesos a litre ..which is just under US$ 0.80 ..an excellent price.
Car Park at Isla Coronados                                                                              Dolphins off our bow (the white bit)