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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 28 Nov 2017 19:04
25:04.51N 77:18.76W  Nassau Harbour Club.
The weather at this time of the year is very unsettled, and we ducked into a marina in Nassau for a few days. En route Mike snagged another sailfish, but not to be eaten.  In Nassau Mike went looking for dinghy engine spare parts as he could not buy these in the USA, where 2-stroke engines are banned for sale. In the islands, everyone uses them, but somehow the parts are still hard to find.
I took my usual walk downtown, to the tourist centre where is is always interesting to see what the tourists are up to. It is now Christmas season and all the bigger stores have been beautifully decorated, Christmas music playing and the staff dressed to the nines to serve the tourists.  In contrast to the smart Bahamian  offer, most of the tourists off the cruise ship are a disgusting looking bunch. The fattest, poorly dressed bunch of slobs you can imagine. Ugly tattoos on white blubber is not a good look.  No photos needed!
And what a lovely surprise we had to bump into Bill & Dorrit from mvContina again – met them in Suwarrow 2013, passed them in Nassau last year, and finally had time for a coffee and catch up here.
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