Underseas Sculptures & Feeding Turtles

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 22 May 2017 14:54
23:52.17N 76:14.16W   Undersea Sculpture & Feeding Turtles
We headed south to Little Farmer’s Cay – anchoring just off  TY’s Restaurant where we enjoyed some good BBQ ribs. The airport (2 scheduled flights a week) is right next door.
tys     departure
Ty’s restaurant on the beach                                                                                       Passenger lounge at Farmers Cay Airport
Given the draft of Time2 – we decided to venture further down the cays in our dinghy. We packed lunch, our snorkelling gear and headed further south. Through the unbelievably blue water, we passed by Big Farmer’s Cay, Galliot Cay, Cave Cay, Musha Cay then to  Rudder Cay. Here there are some interesting caves as well as the undersea statue of a mermaid and piano. These types of art installations are found in various oceans, and great to dive on.  This one was made for David Copperfield who owns Musha Cay, by Jason deCaires Taylor,  with the piano being a life-size replica of a Steinway concert grand.
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dinghy cave
Mike, who has very sun sensitive skin has now taken to wearing gloves and a mask while at sea – quite a sight. Brought to mind the internet brouhaha that was going on about the burkini (swimming attire for Muslim ladies)    Who looks scarier?  Winking smile
blog mike mask       burka
On the way back we investigated the large and mostly deserted marina at Cave Cay – a parfect hurricane hole, but with no boats/guests. The very friendly manager “Shark” told us that they only get customers during storms – and in his words ....  “why would you be in a marina when you can anchor in the beautiful waters outside?”  Good Point!
Later, we stopped into the Little Harbour at Little Farmers Cay .... and met Dino and his “pet” turtle, who get fed conch daily.  Here are some pics from the island ......  I wonder if these folks have any idea of just how beautiful their environment is.
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blog harbour
blog house