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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 4 Sep 2015 06:12
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Mike returned from South Africa and we had to almost immediately leave the marina. It was the annual Magnetic Island Regatta, and all non-sailing boats have to leave to make space for the yachts that sail up here to join the festivities.
Luckily the weather was looking good and we headed out to Backnumbers reef – about 40nm away – with mv Myrtle.  We have been there a few times before and have a favourite anchoring spot, where you can catch reef fish right off the back of the boat.  We saw some amazing whale breaching on the way – and we managed to get one decent shot.   Later on anchor, we were visited by a lot of birds – which I was enjoying, until I realised that our front deck was now a guano pit ... oh, the smell!  So i then rigged up some noisy plastic bags on the rails to annoy them, which thankfully worked.
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While we did not expect to have any internet or phone coverage out there – but by some “luck” we received a text message that Mike’s mother had died. Since her stroke she had deteriorated, and finally had passed away.  This was a sad time for Mike but in some way more peaceful to be out in the middle of nowhere.
The weather continued to settle and we headed out to Myrmidon reef – another 30 nm to the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Where the reef meets the open ocean. We had been here before, and it truly is a paradise. The conditions were fantastic for snorkelling and photography!   Mark and Mike also had some good fishing in Myrtle’s new tender – bagging a few yellowfin tuna.   Julie and Chris on Tick-Tock also appeared and we had a tuna feast, not only sashimi, but Mike made soya marinated, flash fried tuna which was also a big hit.
And here are some of the extra-ordinary pics we took out on the reef.
2 boats long
Just like a pond
second background fb
Incredible snorkelling
No we didn’t need those flopper-stoppers!
Eventually the wind did start picking up and we head west to Juno Bay on Fantome Island – where we could comfortably anchor until there was space back on the marina at Nelly Bay.  While we were here we got news that Mike’s 4th grandchild had been born – a little girl called Erin. Congratulations to Hayley, Tristan and big brother Aiden!. We look forward to meeting her when we get back home.