Our first snorkeling trip in the Pacific Ocean

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 18 Mar 2012 21:41
07:59.40N 082:01.826W    Isla Cavada, The Secas Islands, Panama:
Today was our first snorkeling trip in the Pacific Ocean!
It is wonderful to be back in warm clean water again. Unfortunately it is overcast today, so my underwater photography was not very successful. But one thing is for sure... we need a new book on tropical fish of the Pacific ... it was amazing to see so many new species and differences. We also saw lots of limpets, which was interesting, as we never saw any live shellfish on the Atlantic side.
At night the turtles bang into the boat and the rays jump out if you shine a spotlight on them .. a beautiful place!
We are anchored off a lovely little island, with many palm trees, with black and white beaches!  There is a small resort here, where accommodations are, in what look like, luxury tents.  This island is popular with sport fishermen, who fly into and then stay on the island - taking out fishing charter boats daily. There is even a fuel barge anchored off the island, so they can easily pick up fuel.  Mike is enjoying the fishing too - caught a big dorado on our way from Las Perlas and then yesterday morning caught a Spanish mackerel too. Sadly he brought in his lines, as the freezer is now full!
Tomorrow we head north to Costa Rica.