Big Majors Again!

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sat 5 May 2018 22:32
24:11.34N 76:27.54W  Big Majors (again Winking smile)
We spent three weeks back in our favourite anchorage in the Bahamas.  It was great to see old friends (Forever Young; Sandpiper & Dos Equis) and to meet a whole lot of new ones, including this fabulous little dog, TJ. If we ever get a boat dog – we want one of these!
gals catitude   31776210_10156186382870242_6700426307798302720_n
Peggy, Linda, Laurie and myself on the Exquisite Catamaran, Cattitude                                                 This is TJ
We did did quite a bit of paddle boarding, as we now have 2 boards, and I also started experimenting with my GoPro Dome  - which allows me to take half-under/ half-above the water photos.  Here are my the best of my first lot ....its not as easy as I thought it would be.
pig   grotto
One of the swimming pigs                                                                                            Inside Thunderball grotto
t2  31301720_10155238964372064_1943546652186902528_n
Time2 anchored in very shallow water!                                                                                            The nurse sharks of Staniel Cay
And continuing with Mike flight passion – we took another flip over the Exumas. This time in a Murphy Moose float plane with David Mitchell a local guy with a yacht salvage company. He had donated this flight to an auction which Mike bid for last Christmas. David, is a lovely guy who landed the plane close to Time2, so we could meet him on the beach. We then had a fantastic low flight over the islands north of us, with Mike doing all the flying except landing and take off. What a treat.
TIME2 is in the middle/ right of the anchorage
31582908_10155247570692064_2540940203212668928_n      31543117_10155247570642064_4268125429732212736_n
Beautiful waters of the Wadrick Wells                                            David and Mike chatting about “things aeroplane”