Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 25 Jun 2013 23:49
16:30.85S 151:46.28W    Bora-Bora
After a few windy days in Raiatea, we headed to Bora-Bora, the most well known of all south Pacific islands.  There are a string of hotels overlooking the crystal clear blue waters of the lagoon that surrounds the mountain. Every major 5-star chain is represented,  famous for their bungalows over the water and their $500 per night price tags!
This is the Inter-Continental
The snorkeling and diving is very good, due to the clear water and abundance of fish. Sadly the coral is not the best we have seen and fairly bleached/ damaged in many places due to Tsunamis, cyclones and global warming.  A highlight has been swimming with the  giant Manta Rays - what majestic creatures. We have also seen a huge school of over 40 eagle rays, but sadly did not get a good shot of them.
Manta Ray  "flies" past   
Mike fighting off the reef fish                                                              Moray Eel - always looking aggressive!
The local population is only about 5000 and is totally focused on tourism.  We have however been lucky enough to be here during their annual Heiva. With is a celebration and resurgence of Polynesian culture.  A festival "village" has been built in town with restaurants, fun stalls, and a large stadium where the dancing and singing events occur. Each town (5) is represented by a large troupe of up to 140 people  who compete in dancing and singing events. The costumes, music and dance moves are quite something to see. ..and hear. Drumming is BIG in Polynesia! 
If this was a video, you would see some extraordinary hip swaying and shaking!
Part of the Heiva is also a number of sporting events - the most important being the canoe races for both men and women. They have all sizes, from singles and doubles to the incredibly fast 12 man boats.  Today we watched this team win, with some very nicely built men amongst them!
Again we have been seeing cruisers that we have met before - enjoying their company and doing stuff together.  So far we have seen Encantado; Gray Matter; Mary Powell; Shadow; Chaotic Harmony and True Blue. A few days ago we "circumnavigated" the island with our dinghies and then popped into Bloody Mary's for a quick drink .. great view they have!