Oven Rock & Black Point

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 5 May 2017 16:15
23:58.89N 76:19.93W     Oven Rock, Great Guano Cay & then to  Black Point
We headed south towards Farmers Cay – stopping to anchor at Oven Rock, where we had heard there was an interesting cave.  The cave was not that interesting,  there were a lot of bugs, and then Mike got stabbed in the leg by a stick. This thin sharp stick must have hit an artery, as it pumped blood under the skin, making a huge bulge. We were quite taken aback, but I had a cloth belt, so we could make a tourniquet and squeeze out this foamy red blood, and seal the wound.  By the time we got back to the boat, it had stopped bleeding and healed very quickly. But it was a bizarre thing.
oven cave
Later the wind started picking up and shifting to the south – the anchorages at Little Farmers are pretty shallow on the east (protected) side, so we headed back to Black Point. This is a traditional Bahamian settlement, of about 300 people, with a few local bars/ restaurants, a school, clinic, airstrip  &  police station – servicing the greater area. Many people who work on the touristy islands of Palm and Staniel Cays , live at Black Point.
black pt pier  bp signs
Typical scene in the Exumas – Regatta Point                                                                                                          All that is available in Black Point
clinic   school
The Clinic – most buildings here are colourful                                                                                     School kids in uniform
The local residents are very friendly, and while in one of the small stores, we got invited to a party. It is election season, and the political party in power, the PLP, was holding a BBQ for the town, and all were invited... including foreign visitors.  From 4pm we could hear the music blaring, so off we went down to Scorpios Bar.  It was quite a production, with a DJ and lots of cooking. The organisers even insisted that Mike gets a PLP golf shirt.  Mike struck up a long conversation with Burkie Wright, ex chief of police and elder in the area – he then later introduced us to the Vice Prime Minister (Mr P E Davis) who had flown in for the party.  Later on we were served a delicious plate of ribs, chicken, mac cheese and salad...Yum!
plp dj  politicians
Lots of food & music                                                                                                            Mike, “Brave” Davis, myself, Burkie Wright
The Bahamas is a small country with two main political parties (PLP & FNM) , but with many people being related or coming from the same small island, or business.  In Black Point they don’t seem to have any conflict. The last two Prime Ministers – from opposing parties – were partners in the same legal firm.  In 2010 I met the previous prime minister, Hubert Ingraham in the Abacos. When his 2nd term came to an end and he retired,  his business partner, Mr Perry Christie of the opposition took power.  The week after our visit to Black Point, the FNM took back power, with Dr Hubert Minnis being the new prime minister. This time a medical specialist, rather than a lawyer. Wonder if I will get to meet him? 
Then of course the weather changed again – with rain & wind now coming from the west and north – neither being ideal in the Exumas. So we headed back to Staniel/ Big Majors, where there is a big safe anchorage.