And MORE fish

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 17 Jun 2012 04:03
24:50.64N 110:34.41W   Isla San Francisco:
This is our last anchorage before heading back to La Paz to drop off John - who heads home on Wednesday -  I have also updated the previous entry - with the promised pics
Well of course the guys had not had enough fishing - so we headed out once again to the special spot off Santa Catalina island for another day.  And once again they had a spectacular day - both catching a marlin. This time there was no high speed fishing boat with an experienced captain and crew to help bring in the fish - just the three of us!  So while the guys reeled in the fish, I was on the stern controls driving Time2 backwards to relieve the strain off the line.  We did not want to kill the fish, so after they got reeled in, the guys had to grab the bill (with gloves) and quickly remove the hook without hurting themselves or the fish - and we needed to take some pictures before getting it back into the water!  Great excitement all round!
  More Dorado
The first Marlin - note the remora still hanging on the side
John reeled in this one - huge!