Man of War Cay

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 3 Jul 2009 21:47
26:35.91N 077:00.82W   Man of War Cay
This small island is north of Marsh Harbour were we have been for the last week or so. The weather has been miserable, with lots and lots of rain. It reminded us of Cape Town, those days when it just does not stop, not for a minute. Not much to report from Marsh Harbour. Good news is that we seem to be back to regular sub-tropical summer weather, i.e. sunshine and the occasional thundershower.
Man of War cay, like Hopetown was settled by Loyalists fleeing South Carolina, (to be loyal to Britain) during the American revolution. However there is nothing "British" about this island or any of the other Bahamian islands - they are very American due to the proximity to Florida - about 250 kms from the Abacos.  It is a tiny island, no cars, just golf carts, and pretty little wooden houses.
The cars in town                                                                                can you see the sign says "Queen's Highway"   ha..ha
You may remember from my blog of the Exuma islands, that certain families dominate - in Man of War Cay (and much of the Abacos islands) it is the Albury's. It would seem that everyone here is called Albury or related to Albury, unlike the Rolle's - this family is white. They are great boat builders here and have a design of motor boat/ runabout similar to a Boston Whaler that is very popular.  We also visited the sail -loft, that is also owned by an Albury and rather than fix sails, the local ladies now make canvas bags for the tourists - with these ancient machines. We also met another Albury, a man of about 60, a model boat builder who has 8 siblings, and they all live on this tiny island, as do many of their children. By the time we headed back to the boat, I am sure I could hear "duelling banjo's". 
Sewing the bags!