Sprite Island Yacht Club

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 25 Jul 2010 13:49
40:32.47N 074:08.31W    Sprite Island Yacht Club
We have spent the last few days as guests at Sprite Island Yacht Club - and what an amazing club this is. The club is a small island just off the shore at Norwalk, CT, connected to the mainland by a ferry service. The members have a parking lot on the mainland and then radio the boat boys to pick them up and take them to the island or to their yachts that are on mooring balls.
The island is only 8 acres and is covered in beautiful trees. The facilities include a beach, a small club house, a large wooden deck and lots of chairs under the trees. It is a stunning place to just hang out.  Sailing and boating seem to come second, at this very social club.
Tom invited us to the annual Clambake .. which is much more than that!  It was a massive seafood extravaganza for about 180 people. The fire was built earlier in the day and huge rocks heated up. When the fire burnt down, the rocks were covered in wet seaweed, that the volunteers had collected earlier in black bags. All that was covered in chicken wire and then hundreds of live Maine lobsters were put on the fire. The chicken wire is to stop them burrowing down into the fire! Then all that was covered with a giant tarpaulin and the lobsters started to steam.
While all that was cooking, we were treated to starters of steamers (soft shell clams) and black mussels. We then had New England clam chowder before the lobster was served with salad, baked potatoes, corn and salad.  And believe it or not there was still dessert!   What a feast!   The blue bands you see on the lobsters are to keep the claws together so they can't nip you.
This was a real treat - and we were very privileged to have been invited by Tom.