Heading north via Shag Island

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 15 Jul 2014 00:12
20:03.70s 148:26.72e   Heading north via Shag Island.
After dropping off Steve at Hammo we returned to Whitehaven beach where we spent two perfect days. I even managed to get in the water and scrub a little more of the waterline.  We were now sailing around with  Gai, Will and Sarah on sv Offshore, who are here from Tasmania. 
When the wind picked up again we ducked into Cid Harbour, a well protected anchorage on the west side of Whitsunday island. “Harbour” is not really accurate, as there is no dock or any buildings on this uninhabited shore. On entering the bay we were radioed by sv Papillion, who recognised the South African accents. Colin & Sandy came over later for a drink – a South African couple who have lived in NZ and now Aussie for many years.  We also met Kerri and Colin on “Upyerkilt” who own the chandlery in Aerlie Beach – where Mike had already spent a lot of time (and Money!)
With more wind and some rain to follow – we all headed back to Airlie beach. It was Sarah’s 6th birthday and we had a little celebration. We had also  been there for her 5th birthday -  in French Polynesia. 
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Relaxing on Whitehaven Beach                                                                                                                                    Sarah turns 6
A note on The Great Barrier Reef, following a question on “when would we be there?” :  While it is apparently the largest structure on earth created by living creatures – it is not actually a “barrier”reef at all.  It is a series of shelves, reefs, cays and  islands, separated by large and small areas of sea, that cover about 350 000 sq/km from Cape York (northern tip of Queensland) down to Frasier island (24deg south) So, we have been  “in” the Great Barrier Reef region for the last 2 months already
We left Airlie Beach on Tuesday, leaving the Whitsundays and heading north towards Townsville.  We passed through the shallow Gloucester Passage to the protected anchorage off Shag Island. This tiny little rocky islet, is famous as the “home” of the Shag Island Cruising Yacht Club. A virtual yacht club, where every member is a Vice Commodore and with one fee you are a member for life.  On the beach opposite are two small resorts, both which are welcoming of yachties.  While enjoying a cold beer, we spotted some wildlife in the garden.  Nature has created some strange looking and strange moving creatures.
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  Looking across Gloucester passage to Shag Island                                                                                                      Fairly “tame” kangaroos