The rescue of the Carolina Susanna

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 31 May 2011 00:29
Rescuing the Carolina Susanna:
Yesterday we did our first major rescue mission. Time2 is equipped with a rather unique towing ability. She was constructed to be the lead boat in the first Atlantic crossing of a large number of trawlers in 2004, and had a towing bollard installed. While we were visiting here in Portobelo with our friend Jack, one of his friends ran in to trouble on a reef in the San Blas islands. They managed to get her off the reef and then towed her up to an island close to us. Time 2 then took over!  We attached her to our towing bollard and headed north west for the 28nm to Colon. The Carolina Susanna is a 20ton 42 ft Colin Archer design gaff-rigged sail boat. We met her in Isla Grande, Panama, about 10 miles south of Portobelo and then towed her to Shelter Bay Marina, Colon where she could be hauled out for repairs. She has been taking on water and weighed a whole lot more than her initial 20 tons, but Time 2 pulled her effortlessly.
In Colon we needed to take on fuel - and in a bizarre coincidence, our dinghy engine failed, while Mike was at the fuel barge, and had to be towed 50m back to our boat!  He is still busy with yet another project ...getting the dinghy engine to work.
Dennis, Mike. Tom & Jack ready to start towing
The towing bollard and re-enforcing struts on TIME2