Arlington Reef and Michaelmas Cay

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 11 Sep 2014 06:08
16:42.36s 146:02.61e  Arlington Reef and Michaelmas Cay
We took advantage of a few still days to head out to the reefs off Cairns. The water is warming up, about 24.5deg and the snorkelling was great. I had heard about the giant clams on the Barrier reef, and finally got to see a few out here – HUGE! The regular ones are about 10- 15cm, and these are over half a meter!  
clam lynn        small clam
Giant Clam                                                                                                            Regular size – see my glove for comparison
detail of clam 2
Close up of the giant clam
round coral  folded coral
Amazing coral shapes
lavendar   nemo 2
Coral that looks like lavender                                                                                                        Nemo!
We also had a chance to take a mooring ball off Michaelmas Cay – a small sandy outcrop where thousands of seabirds nest – quite a lot of noise and not always the most pleasant smell – but what a view!  We also had a collection of “tame” fish behind the boat, hoping for scraps. There were two huge black permits that would follow us as we drove around in our dinghy – just like pet dogs.
anchorage michaelmas
The view
mike under    aquarium
Mike in our ‘aquarium’ off the back of Time2