Cleaning up Indigo and making new friends

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 14 Sep 2010 15:33
Cleaning up Indigo
We have been in Annapolis for two weeks now - and the time has flown by.  We are putting Indigo on the market to sell her and there is a lot of cleaning up and tidying up to do . This boat has been our main home since leaving Cape Town in Feb 2008, and we seem to have collected tons of "stuff". Mike is a great hoarder and we now have to be somewhat ruthless in packing up and throwing out!  She is neat as a pin, getting a final hull polish this week -  we have lifted the covers we had on the interior woodwork, and not a scratch underneath!  She is looking gorgeous - like a new boat!
We have also been having some fun. Last weekend we spent the weekend with Terry & Di Clarence, a couple who moved here from Durban 20 years ago. They have a gorgeous home, with boats on the water over the Bay bridge in Grasonville.  They took us, by boat, to a local 'beach' bar to listen to some music and the next morning to another one for breakfast. How wonderful it must be to have your boat in you front garden and be able to zip out so easily.
The great 'beach' bar                                                                                            Terry' classic Nando's cap
The next morning, feeling somewhat groggy, we headed out to do some crabbing.  This involves putting down about 15 small individual wire traps with clams in a bait bag. The traps are placed in a line, about 20m apart in about 2 m of water - you then turning around and start pulling them up one by one, removing a crab (hopefully) and putting the trap back down. We had success about every third trap, and so within a few hours had a bucket of crabs.  You have to put back the females and measure to check sizes. Of course I got nipped!  More like 'clamped' - what unbelievable strength there is in those small claws - damn it hurt!
A female blue claw crab .. her claws are RED .. like lipstick!                      Terry doing all the hard work             
That afternoon we sat out in the garden, overlooking the bay, enjoying our feast of crabs!  Eating these crabs is a very social event, it takes a long time to get a little meat, and so there is lots of time to chat. It was a wonderful visit.
Nice tool - that mallet!
My friend Heather, who lives south of Annapolis also came to pick us up for a night out. She has recently moved back to the USA from England and is staying with a friend in Churchton, also on the water.  For a change from all the seafood feasts, she treated us to a delicious steak braai ... how we are not getting fat as pigs, I do not know!
Next weekend we head off to Washington D.C. to meet Mike's daughter Hayley & her husband Tristan for 3 days of intense tourism!